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Report: Texas A&M 'Expected To Choose SEC' Next Week

And the intrigue surrounding Kansas, Missouri and the Pac-10 just got a lot more interesting. Brent Zwerneman, via the Houston Chronicle, cites "an Aggies insider" that Texas A&M is leaning towards choosing the SEC.

A&M’s board of regents likely will meet late this week — perhaps as soon as Thursday — to decide the Aggies’ sporting future, a person with knowledge of the situation said. And that future appears to be the SEC, as the powerful league to the east is prepared to lure A&M away from the clinging-to-hope Big 12, a proposed Pacific-10 affiliation and its storied league rivalry with Texas.

Per the report, a decision is expected as soon as Thursday.

The reasons for A&M to make the move are plentiful: A higher national profile, more money through TV deals and drawing big crowds from well-traveling SEC fanbases.

It's all coming together. If the Aggies make the leap to the SEC, it opens the door for Kansas to be invited to the Pac-10.

And the Pac-10 Commissioner just so happens to be flying into Kansas City and he's expected to be meeting Kansas AD Lew Perkins.

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