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Missouri Not Talking About Possible Texas A&M Departure, Focused On Keeping Big 12 Intact

So what does Missouri Chancellor Brady Deaton think about the report that Texas A&M is "expected" to leave for the SEC potentially setting the stage for the final domino to fall in the destruction of the Big 12?

"I can't comment on that," he said. "I've heard, obviously the speculation on that."

Instead, Deaton said Missouri was focusing on the future of the Big 12 -- not the future without the Big 12 -- according to Dave Matter of the Columbia Tribune.

"We're fully committed to the Big 12 and we're not going to engage in further planning or speculation about that at this time," Deaton said.

Frankly, the idea that they're not going to make contingency plans just in case the Big 12 dies is either A.) not true or B.) a really, really bad plan. How does he say the above statement and then also say, "Clearly, you'd have to be blind not to have concerns with what's happening to the Big 12."

If there are concerns, then you should be considering contingency plans, no?

Look, there are no guarantees about the future of the Big 12. MU needs to be looking to make the best move for MU before A&M heads to the SEC, Texas and three other Big 12 South schools bolt for the Pac-10 leaving them up a creek.

Deaton described his feelings on the future of the Big 12 as "reasonably optimistic."

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