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No Sign Of Pac-10 Commissioner At Kansas City Airport

Rumors picked up steam on Sunday night that Pac-10 Commissioner Larry Scott was scheduled to leave Austin, TX around 8:00 p.m. and arrive in Kansas City, MO a little before 10:00 p.m. The reason, according to reports, was to "expressly" to meet with Kansas AD Lew Perkins.

Per, the flight was definitely scheduled.

However, something happened.

Scott never showed up, reports.

The guys behind the desk said that the flight had been taken off the schedule, which is common and typically means the flight never took off. There's a chance the plane could have been diverted to Lawrence or Topeka but as of now there was no word on whether that was the case.

This is the same pilot that wasn't happy with all of the media attention his flight received in Lubbock, TX earlier on Sunday so it's possible a contingency plan was developed.

In Kansas City, there is a downtown airport. It's unclear if that would be an option. There are also airport options in Lawrence and Topeka.

We're not ready to say Scott isn't meeting with Perkins but as of now it appears he won't be flying into Kansas City for the meeting.

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