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Report: Texas Will Commit To 10-Team Big 12 As Early As Monday

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The prevailing thought over the last week is that Texas will announce sometime this week that they will make the jump to the Pac-10 and Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State will follow effectively killing off the Big 12.

Then reports surfaced that Dan Beebe has proposed a plan to the remaining members of the Big 12 to save the conference. On Monday morning, Kansas City-based Bob Fescoe of 610 Sports reported that a deal to keep the Big 12 in place with 10 teams is "done in pencil."

Supporting that idea is the latest report from Chip Brown of

According to sources, Texas will announce as early as today that UT will commit to a 10-member Big 12.

Wow. All those stories of the Big 12's demise? Maybe not.

As Gabe DeArmond of said this morning, "The Big 12 staying together is gaining more and more steam."

One important note: If Texas A&M decides to bolt for the SEC, this plan would seemingly fall apart. Multiple media outlets believe if the Big 12 goes to nine teams, there's no hope.

As always, stay tuned.