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Report: Texas A&M 'May Have Told SEC' They Want Missouri To Come Along

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I would say this is another twist to the Pac-10/Big 12/SEC expansion story but considering all the crazy news we've received, this is about right.

According to Gabe DeArmond of (by way of SB Nation's Rock M Nation), Texas A&M "may have told" SEC officials that they want Missouri to be included in any deal that brings them to the SEC.

Meanwhile, more and more reports are piling up that the Big 12 will be saved by Dan Beebe's new proposal that includes doubling the TV money for many of the ten remaining schools.

If accurate, this would be another bombshell in a story filled with bombshells.

For Missouri, they're sitting in a pretty good spot. If the plan goes through to save the Big 12, then they suddenly have options.

For more on this story, check out SB Nation's Rock M Nation.

[Update: Dave Matter of the Columbia Tribune says he's been hearing there's "nothing of substance" regarding this report.]