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Kansas Board Of Regents Go On The Record In Support Of 10-Team Big 12

Higher education officials from Kansas and Kansas State sent a letter to their Texas and Oklahoma counterparts urging them to stay in the Big 12, even with ten teams, according to Scott Rothschild of the Lawrence Journal-World.

That much was expected as it appears a 10-team Big 12 might be the best case scenario for both Kansas and Kansas State, who could be without a home in the event the Big 12 collapses.

Meanwhile, a rep from the Kansas Board of Regents went on the record regarding their support for the survival of the Big 12.

“A 10 institution Big 12 Conference appears to be a win-win for all involved,” said Kansas Board of Regents Chair Jill Docking of Wichita. “Our universities, students, alumni, and state would all benefit from K-State’s and KU’s continued affiliation in a Big 12 consisting of the 10 remaining universities,” she said.

She called a 10-team Big 12 a "bright future" for the conference.

This is good news that Kansas is apparently on board with the survival of the Big 12 but ultimately they don't hold the cards so they're likely just showing support for what they hope Texas will decide to do.