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Oklahoma, Texas A&M Both Announce They're Back With Big 12

After all of that ruckus, it seems that almost everything is back to normal - well, close anyway.

The Sooner Scoop has tweeted that Oklahoma has made an official announcement that they'll stay in the Big 12 along with another not-so-surprising factoid.

Wed. regents meeting has been canceled. "We intend to work very hard to make the conference as lasting and dynamic as possible." - OU

Texas A&M also made it official that they'll be staying in the Big 12, according to this tweet from SI's Andy Staples.

After all of the talk/speculation, the only changes that have happened thus far are Nebraska going to the Big Ten, Colorado to the Pac-10 and Boise State to the Mountain West Conference.

While that does still affect the Big 12, it certainly isn't as big of a blow as it originally seemed.