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Jason Whitlock Rips ESPN's Joe Schad For Big 12, Pac-10 Reporting

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Love him or hate him, the Kansas City Star's Jason Whitlock is entertaining. Whitlock took to Twitter on Monday night to make some jokes at the expense of Joe Schad, ESPN's college football reporter.

A little background: Yesterday, Chip Brown of reported that the Big 12 was nearing a deal to stay together. At almost the exact same time, Schad came out with a report that Texas to the Pac-10 was "imminent" and the Big 12 would essentially die.

Of course we know by now that never happened. Schad backed of his report and got in line with what Brown was reporting.

Got bumped off College Football Live today because the producer said, "Joe Schad is now reporting what you're reporting." (I love Joe BTW.)

And now for the Jason Whitlock show:

This isn't personal but why is Joe Schad still "reporting" on Big 12 expansion? Seriously. Y not book me to "report" on weight loss?

NYTimes reporting initial review of academic transcripts reveals Joe Schad & KC radio host Kevin Kietzman cheated off each other n J school

And for something a few might agree with:

Don't tweet telling me u thought I was "above" talking shat on peers. Please. I know it's classier 2 talk behind ppl's back. I have no class