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Oklahoma State's T. Boone Pickens: 'I Don't Care About Missouri'

Billionaire Oklahoma State benefactor T. Boone Pickens wants to make one thing clear: The Big 12 doesn't need Missouri.

"I don't know what Missouri's going to do," he told the Austin American Statesman. "You can't tell about them. I don't have to have 'em."

Start the engines on the OSU/MU rivalry.

"I have a strong streak of loyalty and that's the way I feel about Kansas, Iowa State and Kansas State. I don't wanna go off and leave them. I don't care about Missouri."

If there was ever any doubt that the rest of the Big 12 is blaming Missouri for the potential demise of the conference, then this should settle that.

Here are a few other notes from T. Boone Pickens' interview:

  • Nebraska "doesn't bring anything to the market."
  • Nebraska has wanted out since the Big Six in the 1940s.
  • Doesn't feel Texas A&M was ever serious about leaving. "Hell no, they weren't serious."

Check out the full video, courtesy of The Pitch.