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Texas Doesn't Know About Any Buyout Money Either

On Tuesday, I pointed out how strange I thought it was that Missouri AD Mike Alden didn't know that Dan Beebe had said earlier that day that the buyout money coming from Colorado and Nebraska (estimated to be $20 million per year for two years) would be distributed to Texas, Texas A&M and Oklahoma. Mizzou and Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State and Baylor, Beebe said yesterday, had agreed to give up their share.

Well, Mizzou didn't know anything about that and didn't sound interested in giving up their share.

Apparently, Texas doesn't know about it either.

“There have been reports that there’s going to be a special deal for some of us using penalty money or other money to guarantee Texas and possibly other schools a particular value,” Texas president Bill Powers said. “We have heard about that. We’re not part of it.”

He says he doesn't expect the Longhorns to draw from the fund.

The reports earlier were that Texas Tech and Oklahoma State weren't happy that the Big 12 buyout money was being distributed the way Dan Beebe, you know, told the world it was going to be.

If OSU were involved, wouldn't we have heard from T. Boone Pickens by now? Talk about a desire to be relevant.