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Royals Busy Signing Draft Picks; 25 Down, 25 To Go

Boy, the MLB and NFL drafts couldn't be more different. In MLB, it's no big deal to ink seven players in on a Tuesday. In the NFL, well, there are only seven total picks.

The Royals brass is staying busy working on the 50 draft picks they selected.

The Royals signed seven more draft picks on Tuesday. They are pitcher Michael Mariot (eighth round), pitcher Jason Mitchell (15th), catcher Phillip Jenkins (17th), pitcher Anthony Lohden (33rd), pitcher Alex Rivers (39th), catcher Dale Cornstubble (40th) and shortstop Thomas Zebroski (45th).

The Royals, who have already inked half of their 50 selections from this year’s draft, also signed undrafted pitchers Justin Figueroa, James Martin and Tyler Gatrell.

Meanwhile, the Royals fifth round pick was at Kauffman on Tuesday night meeting with assistant GM J.J. Picolli.