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Kansas Officials Pleased With The New Big 12 Setup

Kansas coaches and even the Governor weighed in on the results of the new Big 12. They all seem pleased -- as they probably should be considering the alternatives -- and expressed optimism that the league will become stronger.

Basketball coach Bill Self:

“I think we are better off than we have ever been,” Kansas basketball coach Bill Self said. “That’s not taking anything away from Nebraska and Colorado, but we are a true league now.”

Football coach Turner Gill:

“I think it has definitely gotten more competitive,” KU football coach Turner Gill said. “It was already a competitive league and because of the competitiveness of the plan — nine games in the conference and playing everybody each year — I think it brings more excitement for Big 12 football, with every team included.”

Gov. Mark Parkinson:

“This is great news to Kansas universities, student-athletes, fans and our entire state,” Parkinson said in a statement. “Today, we solidify the future of the Big 12 Conference. In fact, we are in a better position than ever before.”