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Big 12 Teams Signed 10-Year Agreement

At his press conference this afternoon. Kansas AD Lew Perkins (when he wasn't dressing down reporters) said the remaining Big 12 teams signed an agreement to stick together for 10 years.

That's a good sign of solidarity for the public but what are the details of the contract?

Nebraska and Colorado had an agreement to say in the Big 12 but they chose to instead pay the penalty for leaving.

A 10-year agreement really doesn't do anything to keep this league together. Perkins said during his press conference that he thinks it will take about a year to sort all of this out.

After the way things went down, a few folks feel that the Big 12 will be back in this same situation a year from now.

Considering the pro-Texas slant -- and no matter how Perkins tries to spin it, it's a pro-Texas league -- I suspect someone will start griping fairly soon.