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Arkansas Has 'Definitely Put Out Feelers' About Joining The Big 12

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On Wednesday, a report emerged that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones would like to see Arkansas (and Notre Dame) join the Big 12 which would instantly make it one of the top conferences.

According to Chip Brown of (via Twitter), that report has some legs.

Sources tell OB Arkansas has definitely put out feelers about possibly joining the Big 12, but the B12 votes don't appear to be there yet.

Arkansas has a better chance of joining than Notre Dame but its unclear if Jones was implying the two are a package deal.

Arkansas, since joining the SEC, has seen its national profile drop. If it joined the Big 12, it would get back part of its Texas recruiting base as well as some relevance.

Jerry Jones is a powerful man and, most importantly, has lots of cash and influence to make something happen. This is a situation worth monitoring.