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No Chiefs Players Have Made Fun Of Romeo Crennel For Coors Light Commercials

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If I'm a football player on the Chiefs defense, and I've got my spot secured on the team, the first thing I'm doing is cracking some jokes to my boss, Romeo Crennel, for the Coors Light commercials he did.

The Chiefs players, however, are probably feeling him out before they do that. Chiefs LB Jovan Belcher appeared on the Chiefs Red Zone Podcast with Soren Petro on Wednesday and was asked about those beer commercials.

Has anyone given him any grief about his beer commercials?

"No I haven't yet. I don't think anyone has gotten him yet."

Do you think someone will get him?

"Yeah, we'll probably get him."

Do you think he'd have a good sense of humor?

"Yeah, he's a nice guy, real nice guy. But, like I said before, talking football he's real passionate."

That's boring. For your enjoyment, a Romeo Crennel Coors Light commercial is after the jump.