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2008-9 Revenue Sharing Numbers Show Missouri Inching Closer To Kansas

The Big 12's IRS filings have become public and it appears Missouri is one of the big winners from 2007-8 to 2008-9.

Here are the 2008-9 numbers with the previous year's in parentheses:

1. Oklahoma, $12,209,800

2. Texas, $11,783,807

3. Kansas, $11,494,441 ($9.24 million)

4. Missouri, $10,449,437 ($8.4 million)

12. Kansas State, $8,374,959 ($8.21 million)

Missouri also made a big jump from 2007-08 to 08-09. The team's high-scoring offense (sixth nationally and third in the Big 12 at 42.2 points per game) and star power helped push the Tigers into their second consecutive Big 12 title game and enter the season ranked in the top 10.

Kansas State was eighth in 2007-8 and drop to dead last with this year's set of numbers. Ouch.

And big bad Nebraska that everyone wanted to keep in the Big 12? $9.7 million and eighth in the conference.