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Kansas City Confidence Polls: Chiefs Fans Say They Have The Brightest Future

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As you've seen by now, the Kansas City SB Nation blogs are running a Fan Confidence Poll. In the top left corner of Arrowhead Pride, Royals Review, Rock Chalk Talk and Rock M Nation are polls that allow you to tell us how you're feeling about your team.

The scores are....low. Here are the results for the fans on those four SB Nation communities:

  • Kansas City Chiefs: 59
  • Kansas Jayhawks: 56
  • Missouri Tigers: 34
  • Kansas City Royals: 26

(You can find the full results on the SB Nation Kansas City home page.)

This isn't exactly the best time to be a Kansas City Sports fan.

The Chiefs have won 10 games in three years so their No. 1 ranking is due in large part to the offseason moves including the addition of Thomas Jones and a solid draft. The Chiefs are entering year two of a new regime so I suppose it's reasonable that there's a little more hope at Arrowhead than, say, Kauffman.

The Jayhawks have arguably the best team in college basketball heading into the 2010-2011 season so that's big reason for confidence. On the other hand, they've hit a few scandals recently and AD Lew Perkins announced his retirement that may or may not be due to some of those scandals. Still, the Jayhawks have basketball.

The Tigers are a good program. They aren't lighting the world on fire in any particular sport but they've got a good program in both the major sports (football and basketball). Plus, having a possible future first-rounder leading your football team isn't bad. On the flip side, they're being blamed for the Big 12's near demise.

The Royals are....well, the Royals. They've been the definition of bad for the last two decades. GM Dayton Moore is four years into his tenure and received a five-year extension last summer so, if things aren't going well now, it's hard to believe they'll turn around anytime soon.

Agree? Disagree?