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Kansas State's Bill Snyder Doesn't Like The Big 12's New Schedule

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Predictably, Kansas State's Bill Snyder has thrown his support around the Big 12 -- except for one part.

The schedule.

As 610 Sports' Bob Fescoe said, "Shocker. How will he play the sisters of the poor now?"

Here's what Snyder has to say about the schedule:

“Everybody always wants to see everybody play the best people that they can,” Snyder said. “But what you have to realize is: When we were in the Big Eight Conference, great teams beat up on great teams. Consequently, the results were not always what you would have liked for them to be. You could be an awfully good program and suffer dramatically."

K-State's non-conference schedule next year: UCLA, Missouri State, Central Michigan and North Texas.

They've also scheduled some future games against Miami, Oregon and Virginia Tech. I think Snyder realizes with the new Big 12, that may not be the best idea anymore. It's one thing to play a game against a team like Virginia Tech coming off of a victory over the Kansas School For The Deaf while it's quite another to do so after a game against Texas A&M.