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These Five Chiefs Helped Themselves This Offseason

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The Chiefs have concluded their set of OTAs for the 2010 season. Todd Haley was obviously impressed giving the players the final day off (or Haley was getting tired of meeting with the media).

As we've said previously, everything is going almost eerily well in Kansas City these days. The players are behaving for the most part (see: Dwayne Bowe), guys are in shape and there was 100% participation from those under contract.

Not a bad start to the season.

Here are five players that either helped themselves or met the high expectations bestowed upon them this offseason.

Tony Moeaki

Yes, he looked very smooth in OTAs, as the reports have suggested. He ran well, caught the ball with easy and even pulled in a few acrobatic catches.

Some are even suggesting that he's the front-runner for the starting tight end job, to which I say: Whoa, now!

Moeaki has a shot at the job but to say he's the front-runner may be pushing it.

Know this: The Chiefs brass, including Todd Haley, really like Leonard Pope, the Chiefs starting tight end at the conclusion of the 2009 season. Moeaki may be looking good but he needs an impressive camp to topple Pope.

So why is he included in this list?

Because he was injured (undisclosed) for the majority of the offseason and yet is still making people argue that he could be the starter in 2010. Now that's impressive.

Thomas Jones

As advertised is the way I'd describe him.

Seeing him in person, you can't appreciate just how big his arms are. An admitted weight room junkie, Jones may have the biggest arms in the league.

But he wasn't brought here just for his arms. It was for his leadership as well.

Already the younger guys like Jamaal Charles and even older guys like Matt Cassel are praising his leadership. Haley says it's possible no one has worked harder than him this offseason.

Tyler Palko

A third-string quarterback looking good? Well, better, yeah.

Palko took the pre-training camp, third-stringer job from Matt Gutierrez, who is a former New England guy, something GM Scott Pioli loves so you know they must like Palko.

Palko's unique skill set includes his athleticism. He's quick and able to run the ball better than probably any quarterback on the roster (Cassel's not a bad scrambler).

Palko's got a ways to go before he makes the team -- and even then he's unlikely to see the field -- but I like having a third quarterback that is athletic and provides some mismatch problems.

Jerheme Urban


Another Arizona guy and someone with whom Haley's familiar.

Urban has been fluid in offseason practices and has Josh Looney of wondering if he'll be the surprise of the 2010 season.

Practicing in shorts and with pads are two different things but heading into training camp there's reason to be optimistic about Urban's chances.

Derrick Johnson

Yes, you remember him, right?

DJ has always excelled at offseason stuff because he's so athletic and looks good in shorts (that's what she said) but this year he's really fighting for a job. It means more this year as he enters the season on a one-year restricted free agent tender.

As he's trying to get his next contract, i suspect DJ will absolutely everything in his power to maximize his time on the field. He knows a good season will yield a big payday so watch out for DJ this year.