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Lou Holtz: Notre Dame Should Consider Joining Big 10


"I'm an old man, and all my life I've said that Notre Dame should remain independent because it's a national school," said Holtz, a former Fighting Irish coach who was in the Twin Cities last weekend. "We played the very best in the country from Texas to Tennessee to Miami of Florida to Southern Cal.

"However, two days ago was the first time I've ever said that I think Notre Dame ought to seriously consider joining the Big Ten. Because what I see happening, I see four or five superconferences."

There have been more calls for Notre Dame to join a conference. Recently, a report surfaced that Jerry Jones wanted to get Arkansas and Notre Dame into the Big 12.

Not only does Holtz feel that ND should join the Big 10, but that they will.

"And, I think that for the first time, Notre Dame ought to consider joining the Big Ten. I never felt I would say that. But I believe that in my heart now, and I think that maybe they will."

This would reverberate through the world of college sports but it's still hard to envision happening.

If Notre Dame goes to the Big 10, Missouri will be even more upset that they didn't get a Big 10 offer.