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Why Does Jarrad Page Want Out Of Kansas City?

Jarrad Page requested a trade from the Chiefs last Thursday.


There are several reasons and it's not just money.

Per several reports, Page and the coaching staff haven't been getting along dating all the way back to training camp in 2009. Todd Haley essentially called out Page after a preseason game one time because he was sitting out with injury. That likely had something to do with it but I suspect the issue started earlier. A lot of players were rubbed the wrong by Haley's attitude in year one.

Page wants to be a starter and that may not be happening in Kansas City. The Chiefs drafted two safeties this year -- Eric Berry and Kendrick Lewis. Obviously Berry is the safety and the Chiefs hope Lewis is as well. I'm not sure Page fits in anywhere.

And then there's always money. Page has a tender offer of about $1.7 million but may feel he can get more if he's released onto the open market. The free agent market is a little soft right now, as O.J. Atogwe would tell you, and Page isn't a household name.

Page has his reasons to be moved and I would venture to guess that each of the reasons above plays at least a partial role in all of this.