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Royals Pitcher Brian Bannister Admits 11-Run Reds Game Affected Him In Loss To Braves

Before Friday night, the last time Brian Bannister took the mound for the Royals he was lit up. In fact, I'm not sure "lit up" properly describes.

He gave up a jaw-dropping 11 runs in just three innings of work against the Reds.

A week, later and things didn't get much better as he recorded a loss against the Braves.

“I just didn’t have much confidence out there today,” he said. “I was bouncing stuff. I was behind on every hitter. I was afraid to pitch in the strike zone because of what happened (in Cincinnati).”

You know it's bad when people think you're injured because you're pitching so poorly.

He’s healthy,” manager Ned Yost said. “He just wasn’t sharp. He’s a command pitcher. He was spiking a lot of fastballs. He was spiking his cutter. He just struggled to find a real groove out there.”

The Royals lost 6-4 to the Braves.

Hey, that's better than 11 runs.