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At Least Jarrad Page Honored His Last Contract With The Chiefs

As we delve deeper into the situation with Jarrad Page, we'll post a number of blurbs trying to look at things from his perspective and figure out what he did right and wrong.

Here's one: At least he honored his contract.

Yes, Page was a restricted free agent last year and signed his one-year deal and played it through as the contract states -- even if he did want a trade at the time.

Now he doesn't want to sign with the Chiefs. Hey, that's his right. No one will force him to sign.

But at least he didn't sign his contract to guarantee him the $1.7 million, then create a fuss, hold out of training camp (even if the Chiefs could fine him) and become a distraction in the locker room. Page isn't in Kansas City and, as far as I know, isn't causing a distraction in the locker room.

He could've done things differently but he's been about as professional as he could be considering his take on things. Yeah, so the trade request wasn't professional but it fairly well-known (but not proven) that he wanted out. Besides, he's only slipped one thing to the media even though he's been unhappy for a year.

And now Page is without a contract. He is not violating any contractual obligations by skipping out on mandatory minicamp. From what it sounds like, he'll wait.

It's not much, and it won't make Chiefs fans feel any better right now, but he's not making things as distracting as they could be.