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Rick Ankiel Injury Not Believed To Be Serious, Royals Expect Him Ready Next Week

Rick Ankiel was on a rehab assignment in Omaha last week when the injury problems that placed him there in the first place cropped up again causing him to come back to Kansas City for further evaluation.

As it turns out, the injury isn't believed to be serious, according to Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star. Royals officials are describing it as a "minor setback".

Per Dutton, the Royals also might re-set the clock on his rehab assignment early next wee, possibly as soon as Tuesday.

If they did reset that 20-day clock, it'd be an admission that Ankiel wouldn't be ready until after the All-Star break. If that's the case, then it'll be a disappoint to the Royals. They signed him to a $2.75 million deal last winter and he's started just one game since April 24.

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