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2010 NBA Mock Draft: Big 12 Will Have A Strong Presence

The 2010 NBA Draft is coming up on June 24 and it figures to have a Big 12 presence, writes Blair Kerkhoff of the Kansas City Star.

One-fifth of the players whose names could be called Thursday in the two rounds of the NBA draft played at Big 12 schools last season — 12 out of the draft’s 60 picks. Seven or eight could go in the first round.

Previous bests for the Big 12: Five in the first round and 10 overall.

The star of the show, at least in the Big 12, should be the Kansas Jayhawks who could have two top ten picks. Another Jayhawk, Sherron Collins, could be a second round pick as well.

This year's draft could be among the best for the Big 12, even though they won't have one of the top two picks, which has happened in each of the last four years.