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2010 NBA Draft: Bill Self Says Pair Of Jayhawks Doing Well And Xavier Henry Is 'Great'

Kansas Jayhawks coach Bill Self is in-tune with what's going on in the NBA and recently gave his thoughts on a few of his former pupils. He says Sherron Collins has interviewed well, Cole Aldrich is "solid" and Xavier Henry has been "great", according to NBA folks he's talked to.

“Everybody says Cole is exactly what we thought he was, Sherron is exactly what we thought he was, and Xavier a little better than we thought he was, which would be great for him.

Aldrich is likely to go as high as No. 7 and as low as No. 21 while Henry isn't expected to make it past the Bucks at No. 15.

Collins, however, is more of a mystery. Some have him pegged as a late first-rounder while other say he's a shoo-in for the second round.

“I’d just love to play in the NBA,” said Collins, who recently has worked out for New Jersey, New York, Phoenix, Chicago and Memphis. “I come from a system at Kansas that fits the NBA. At KU we get out and run and have a pick-and-roll offense. I played different roles every year, whether it be a scorer, running a team, getting my teammates shots, hitting shots. I come to play hard and compete every night.

“John Wall (Kentucky) will be the first point guard taken. He should be. He’s a good player. Everybody is shooting to be the next guard taken,” Collins added.

Five more days and these questions will be answered.