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Braves Three-Run 8th Dooms The Royals In Loss

The five-run auto-win prediction by SB Nation's Talking Chop turned out to be true. The Royals had a chance to end the Braves streak of winning 41 consecutive games when scoring at least five runs.

They entered the eighth inning tied 5-5 with a good chance to do just that.

Blake Wood continued what Kyle Davies started -- walks. Davies had a career high seven bases-on-balls while Wood came in and gave up a single only to see the Royals convert a double play on the next batter.

Two up, two down. Not bad, right?

Well, Wood walked the next two batters and Eric Hinske knocked them both in on a double. Hinske later scored off another single.

8-5 Braves.

That would be the final after Billy Wagner came in on the ninth.

Who knew the Royals middle relievers and set-up men weren't very good? Oh, wait, I think a lot of people did....

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