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Braves Sweep Royals But Jose Guillen Continues On With 15-Game Hitting Streak

There was one kinda, sorta positive to come out of the Royals 8-5 loss against the Braves: Jose Guillen continued his hitting streak.

Yes, the 2010 version of iron man connected bat-to-ball to land safely on base for the 15th consecutive game.

The reason? He's been healthy, he says.

“Nothing has been bothering me this year,” he said. “My ankle is feeling fine. My lower back is feeling fine. I’m not having any problems. I’m just praying, please God, to stay like this. It’s been good so far.”

Things have been looking so good. manager Ned Yost says, that Guillen can expect some more time in the field in the coming weeks.

“He’s done very well out there,” manager Ned Yost said. “You watch him play and it’s a (legitimate) comparison to any other right fielder out there. There’s no difference.

“I’m going to start playing him more when we get home in the outfield. He’s proven to me that he can do it.”