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2010 NBA Mock Draft: Former Jayhawks Cole Aldrich, Xavier Henry Possible Top Ten Picks

The Kansas Jayhawks are expected to have one, maybe two lottery picks in the 2010 NBA Draft. Cole Aldrich is the polished, mature veteran hitting the draft while Xavier Henry is the young, potential-filled young guard.

They're pretty much opposites but both have a shot to be lottery picks.

SB Nation's Ridiculous Upside is hosting out 2010 NBA Draft with all of the SB Nation bloggers. They've got both of these guys going in the top ten, which would be a nice surprise locally.

Here's what they had to say about these two picks:

7. Detroit Pistons - F/C Cole Aldrich

Defense. Rebounding. Shot-blocking. The kind of paint-focused player that gives every other player on his team a better shot from the field. He'll give his man problems, and he'll make the paint deadly territory for driving guards. Is he going to score 20 points a game, is he going to even impact your team's offense in a productive way?

No. He's a specialist. His ceiling is pretty much hit his sophomore year. But 10/10 and 2 ain't nothing to cough about, especially on a rookie contract.

9. Utah Jazz - G Xavier Henry

The Jazz traded away Ronnie Brewer last season because they had a "logjam" at the wing position amongst other reasons. Despite that, they'll take Henry who is said to have one of the most NBA-ready games and bodies in the draft. His outside shooting ability will be a welcome addition to the Utah offense. In Jerry Sloan's system, good passing is a necessity, so Henry should fit the bill.

Above all though, his defensive game is perhaps his biggest attribute and could earn him some PT under Sloan.