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Royals Have A Big Week Ahead With Stephen Strasburg, Cardinals

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The Royals have a big week coming up, which isn't something we can usually say in June.


First, it's Stephen Strasburg in Washington. He's supposed to pitch June 23 and the game is supposed to air on FOX Sports Kansas City. For FSKC to get the game, they dropped the Sept. 13 game (day of the Chiefs Monday night game). Strasburg most recently played in front of Barack Obama so you know it's kind of a big deal when he pitches.


After that, those stinkin' Cardinals come to town. So from Friday-Sunday get ready for lots of talk about how ravioli is somehow the best meal, trash talk about some stupid arch (Editor's Note: The arch is only stupid for the purposes of this story) and 20,000 people in Kauffman who can't pronounce quarter correctly.


Which one are you most looking forward to? Strasburg or the Cardinals?