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2010 NBA Draft: Not Everyone On The Xavier Henry Bandwagon

Kansas coach Bill Self said last week that he's heard good things about all three of the former KU players -- Cole Aldrich, Xavier Henry and Sherron Collins -- expected to be drafted into the NBA on Thursday night. Specifically, he pointed out Henry, whom Self says he's heard "great" things about from NBA folks.

ESPN's Doug Gottlieb is not one of those folks who feel Henry will be "great" at the next level.

“Xavier, everybody thinks is a little bit soft,” ESPN analyst Doug Gottlieb was quoted as saying in Sunday’s editions of the Daily Oklahoman. “But he is skilled and can shoot. He’ll be lucky to be a starter in the NBA, I’m not huge on Xavier.”

Quite a contrast from what Self had to say. Self has something to gain -- recruiting power -- by having Henry drafted early so that needs to be taken into account when he's talking about Henry's NBA chances.

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