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2010 NBA Draft: Hornets Fans Take A Closer Look At Former Kansas Jayhawk Xavier Henry

SB Nation's Hornets community, At The Hive, has a nice piece taking a closer look at former Kansas Jayhawk Xavier Henry.

Henry should be a strong defender that can hit jumpers. In many ways, he certainly reminds me of the James Posey of a few years ago. Henry didn't exactly get many opportunities at isolation play at Kansas, so there is the chance he could develop into a sizeable, creative wingman for the Hornets. Those factors could make him an interesting pick- there is the possibility for good upside, but the associated risk isn't too much to stomach. At worst, he projects as a good role player; at best, he projects as a Paul Pierce type.

Interesting best-case-scenario comparison to Paul Pierce, another former Jayhawk.

The Hornets pick 11th in the draft.

Hop on over to At The Hive to check out how outsiders are viewing Henry.