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Chiefs Players Time Off And Todd Haley's Conditioning Test

The Chiefs finished up all of their OTAs last week and have been doing their own thing since. in fact, the Chiefs don't have any practices until training camp at the end of July.

That's about a six-week vacation.

As Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star wrote this week, it's important that the Chiefs show up to training camp in-shape.

After everything the Chiefs went through last year -- losing over 700 pounds as a team -- Todd Haley wouldn't be happy if any of the players came out of shape. He's stressed doing the little things and coming into camp out-of-shape is an indication that the player can't do the little things unless someone is hovering over them.

Last year there were about 10 players that failed Haley's conditioning test. It's unclear if he'll mandate the players pass a conditioning test this year but I imagine he will. The test involves a lot of running and passing times are broken up by position group.Glenn Dorsey was the most notable one who failed last year.

Haley said last year that the players had to pass the test to participate in practice. It took Dorsey a few days to get on the field.

The Chiefs had near 100% attendance every day in OTAs so Haley knows what kind of shape each player was in.