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What Happened With The Chiefs And Jarrad Page Between Now And Then?

Back on April 24th, Chiefs safety Jarrad Page had the following to say on his Twitter account:

I'm tellin y'all @bflowers24 @bcarr39 @berry14 and @jarradpage44 in the same secondary. NFL WR's & TE's take notice!!!!!

That statement, to me, would indicate that there isn't the possibility that Page would not be a Chief in 2010, as it appears it is now.

Seven weeks later and he requests a trade out of Kansas City?

We're not sure what the reason is because neither side is talking publicly (other than a press release about his trade request) but it's presumably because Page and the Chiefs couldn't get a long-term deal worked out. Page had already been issued his second round $1.7 million tender.

My guess -- and it's just a guess -- would be that the Chiefs declined to extend his contract for whatever reason.

If and when Page leaves Kansas City, I imagine the story of what happened between he and the Chiefs will come out.