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2010 NBA Draft: Scout Questions Former Kansas Jayahwks Cole Aldrich And Xavier Henry

In a story by Tom Keegan of the Lawrence Journal-World, NBA scout Jim Clibanoff gives evaluations of former Kansas Jayhawks Cole Aldrich and Xavier Henry. While Clibanoff thinks they will wind up getting drafted higher than they probably should be, he raises questions about both players.

In Aldrich, Clibanoff sees a solid, serviceable and unspectacular post player.

"He’s not smooth, graceful or elegant with his finesse game, nor is he brawny or powerful enough as a power player," Clibanoff said. "He’s somewhere in between. Usually, that’s not a recipe to become an NBA starter. However, the NBA is a center-starved league, so depending on time and place, he could get a lot of minutes."

On the plus side, according to the operator of a scouting service known as Clib Hoops, Aldrich has proven he knows how to fit in with talented players and knows how to embrace his role.

"It’s easy to like his game and really hard to love it," Clibanoff said.

Henry, on the other hand, still has something to prove.

"Because he didn’t stay at Kansas longer, he didn’t develop a versatile skill set," Clibanoff said. "He didn’t show that off-the-dribble game. My concern is he might be a one-dimensional shooter. He does have that poise and NBA-readiness some players never will have."

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