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2010 NBA Draft: Former Kansas Jayhawk Cole Aldrich Visits The Raptors Again

Former Kansas Jayhawks big man Cole Aldrich talked with as we sit here just days before the 2010 NBA Draft.

Aldrich ran down the teams that he's visited and early signs would indicate Toronto has at least somewhat serious interest.

Toronto (13), Golden State (6), Sacramento (5), Utah (9), Houston (14), New Orleans (11), Detroit (7) and I'm going back to Toronto today.

Picks 5-13 is where his visits have occurred. That's about in-line with where folks are predicting him to go.

Judging by the two Toronto visits, his ceiling may be at 13. I know a lot can happen between picks 1-12 but two visits would indicate more than passing interest.

I suspect most of these visits are going well. Aldrich comes off pretty well and Bill Self even recently side the interviews were going well for Aldrich, who attributes much of his success to his time at Kansas.

In so many ways, not only on the court but maturing off the court. On the court working with not only coach Self but also with coach (Danny) Manning telling you so many things that he has learned in his years in the league. That has helped tremendously.

Thursday night and we'll know Aldrich's future.

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