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In The End, Two Solo Shots Given Up By Royals Pitcher Bruce Chen Was Enough

Bruce Chen's stat-line looks good -- and it is -- but it's unfortunate that two of the hits he gave up happened to be homeruns. SB Nation's Nationals community, Federal Baseball, adds a couple of interesting notes to go along with both homeruns.

The first one was from Michael Morse:

Michael Morse gets a cut fastball up and inside from the KC Royals' lefty Bruce Chen and he launches it to left, further back than I've seen anyone hit a HR in Nationals Park since it opened, almost onto the center field concourse...Michael Morse wants to play.

And the second from Cristian Guzman:

Cristian Guzman hits his first HR since August 23, 2009. Bruce Chen hangs a slider inside to the Guzzzzzz, who gets it over the wall and into the visitor's bullpen for his first HR of 2010. Guzman goes 1 for 3 with a HR and a walk....a HR and a walk? When was the last time the Guzzzzzz did that? July 28th 2009...before that...August 8th...of 2004.

Chen was pitching decently having given up just one other hit but he was pulled for a pinch hitter. In the end, though, those two runs were enough to beat the Royals.

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