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2010 NBA Draft: Which NBA Player Does Xavier Henry Remind You Of?

Earlier, we brought you a great scouting report of Xavier Henry from SB Nation’s At The Hive. Here’s another great look from DJ Foster from Clipper Blog, which includes some player projections.

Best Case Scenario: John Salmons

Salmons may not be flashy, but he’s a proven scorer who relies mostly on efficeint perimeter shooting for his buckets. While Salmons is far better right now at creating his own shot, it’s not hard to see Henry developing into a tough perimeter defender who can spread the defense with his jumper.

Worst Case Scenario: Arron Afflalo

Afflalo is a nice player in the “3 and D” mold, and at the very least Henry should be able to fill a similar role. There’s a million guys in the league like Afflalo and Henry who have stuck around for a long time and been valuable role players on good teams.

To hear more from the Clippers side of life, head over to SB Nation’s Clips Nation.