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Giants Official On David DeJesus Trade Rumors: 'Nothing Happening'

On Tuesday morning, Joh Paul Morosi of reported that the Giants had "interest" in Royals outfielder David DeJesus. There are a few reasons to be intrigued with DeJesus so the report made sense.

However, Mychael Urban of reports that there's nothing to the rumors.

It’s my job, and my job today is to tell you what I was told by a high-ranking Giants official when relayed the latest flimsy rumor. “A lot of guys will fit in [the] DeJesus category over the next month or so. Nothing happening [right now].”

In other words, “Dude, seriously? On June 21? Call me when you have something that doesn’t make me stifle a laugh.”

It may be fair to say that the Giants have interested, as was originally reported, but it's also fair to say that GMs will change their minds a handful of times between now and next month.