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2010 NBA Mock Draft: Cole Aldrich Is Landing Between Picks 7-16

We perused the various 2010 NBA mock drafts out there and found that there's a decent gap in where folks think former Kansas Jayhawks' Cole Aldrich will go.

At one point, it was more likely that Aldrich would go before Xavier Henry. Now that's not the case in a few of these.

Here's a sampling of the mock drafts:

Detroit Pistons (7)

"The Pistons are in need of a legitimate center, and Aldrich gives them a solid two-way big with his shot-blocking and enough of an offensive repertoire to make opposing bigs defend him."

New Orleans Hornets (11)

With playmakers like Chris Paul and Darren Collison, the Hornets don't need a center with tons of post moves. A simple ability to drop the ball in the basket from close range, grab rebounds, and play defense will more than suffice. Not only that, but an Aldrich signing would probably eliminate the possibility of seeing a front court of Darius Songaila and David West in crunch time.

New Orleans Hornets (11))

If the Hornets go big, the pick is expected to be either Aldrich or Patterson. Gordon Hayward could wind up here, too.

Minnesota Timberwolves (16)

Can Aldrich really drop this low? There's enough exciting talent and volatility to drop a solid player like Aldrich a dozen spots. If Minnesota hangs on to this pick and manages to pick up Aldrich, it will have an antidote to Darko Fever, a real big man who can rebound and bang in the post.