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2010 NBA Mock Draft: Xavier Henry Might Be A Top 10 Pick

Former Jayhawk Xavier Henry is starting to pop up before Cole Aldrich in quite a few of these mock drafts that are floating around.

Henry represents a lot of potential so some team will definitely take him and, if these mock drafts are any indication (they're not), then he'll be taken before Aldrich.

Here's are a few of the mock drafts I've found:

Utah Jazz (9)

The Jazz probably won't get the shot at Monroe that they'd like, and they're considering big men like Cole Aldrich, Udoh, Patrick Patterson and Ed Davis. But shooting is a need, and Henry's the best in the class.

Indiana Pacers (10)

The Pacers are looking to trade this pick for a point guard, and I can't say I blame them: a system like the one Jim O'Brien runs needs an engine. But it also needs shooters, and Henry fits the ball better than any other prospect in this draft. Henry is a dynamite scorer who'd give Indiana a real one-two punch in the backcourt. If the Pacers reach for a point guard, it'd be Avery Bradley or Eric Bledsoe. But Henry is the safer pick.

A coherent draft strategy from the Grizzlies has been difficult to get our head around, but Henry fits a need and the strength of his character would be very appealing to this franchise.