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MLB Trade Deadline: What Kind Of Prospects Could The Royals Get For David DeJesus?

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I came across an interesting article trying to predict what the Royals could get for David DeJesus. As the article says, it's easy to determine who won and lost a trade when it's a major leaguer for a major league. But when it's a major leaguer for prospects, things get a little tricker.

Using this prospect table, the Royals could expect a pitching prospect in the 76-100 range.

Here's an example of those prospect rankings and what 76-100 is.

Prospect rankings are fluid. But just to give a very rough idea of what sort of farm talent that is, Chad James, Jordan Lyles, Drew Storen, Phillippe Aumont (though he wouldn't come close to this range now), Andrew Cashner, Jay Jackson, Jake Arrieta and the Royals' own Noel Arguelles ranked in that range prior to 2010. Perhaps you feel that wins are more valuable to a playoff contending team, or that DeJesus' 2011 projection is too modest. If that's the case, Kansas City could snag a top 76-100 hitter. Austin Jackson, Fernando Martinez, Tony Sanchez, K.C.'s Mike Moustakas (he'd rank higher now), Travis d'Arnaud, Jaff Decker, Adam Moore, Hank Conger, Mike Trout (ditto), Austin Romine, Lars Anderson, Wilmer Flores (he'd be higher too), Mat Gamel, James Darnell, Miguel Sano, Thomas Neal and Peter Bourjos placed there during the spring.