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Len Dawson Joins Drew Brees, Brian Griese And Other Former Purdue Quarterbacks

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Spotted at a fund raising event this weekend: Former Chiefs quarterback Len Dawson along with Brian Griese and Drew Brees.

The common link? They're all Purdue quarterbacks and they're all Super Bowl champions.

"That's what it's all about,'' Dawson said. "The ultimate game in professional football is to play and win the Super Bowl. When you do it in magnificent fashion like Drew and the Saints did and what they had to overcome, it's remarkable. It's bragging rights. I've been bragging about this for the rest of my life.''

Lenny has it right, I think. Once you win the big one, you're lauded across town everywhere you can and can brag for ever 'because, hey, I won a Super Bowl and you didn't.'

"Absolute legends,'' Herrmann said. "They've given their time to come back because they know it's an important event. I'm just happy to be mentioned in this group."I grew up idolizing Len Dawson because I lived in Kansas City for a while."

Mark Hermann is another former Purdue quarterback, by the way, and he was just elected to the college football hall of fame.