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What Will Bill Self The Reporter Say About The Kansas Jayhawks On Their Way To The NBA?

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As we told earlier this week, Kansas Jayhawks coach Bill Self will be joining NBA TV and for some draft day coverage. A recent article in the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal made me think of Self's "reporting" methods as he moves to the TV set, even if for a night.

Normally journalists beat themselves over the head with the idea of "objectivity." It means no cheering in the press box, no wearing the logo or colors of Texas Tech or whatever school you cover, and no favoring one team more than another.

Making Bill Self an NBA Draft analyst threw that idea out the window.

Is there a lot of bad you can say about the three Jayhawks expected to be drafted?

Cole Aldrich is powerful and steady. Not a sexy pick by any means but someone that you'll realize months into the season is playing a crucial role for your team. Self can be completely honest about Aldrich. He's a good package.

Xavier Henry is repped by potential. If Self is truly honest regarding Henry's NBA chances, then he'll have to be cognizant of the boom or bust factor here. While I don't think Henry is set to be a bust, his age and relative lack of playing experience in college has to be considered.

Sherron Collins is a fan favorite. I could see Self gushing over him because he played such a crucial role for the Jayhawks as a teammate and a leader. Collins isn't headed for NBA stardom but may still have a role in the league.

How do you think Bill Self will do in draft coverage? Completely biased? Fair?