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A Call For 'Basketball-Only' Jayhawk Fans To Turn To Football

Nick Sloan of the Kansas City Kansan has an interested article regarding basketball vs. football in the eyes of other schools. Essentially, Sloan writes last week, your basketball program doesn't matter.

Basketball programs at Texas Tech, Texas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Colorado and Utah are laughable compared to the history at KU. Unfortunately, because each school had a better football tradition and stronger support, they became more attractive to the Pac 10 and Big 10.

Sloan's answer is to make a few tweaks to the way Kansas fans and administration do things.

  • Get rid of the track in the football stadium. No "self-respecting" football stadium has a track like that.
  • Instead of dropping hundreds on non-conference basketball games against teams like UMKC, think about putting that money towards a football game.
  • The most important one, in my mind, is for Jayhawk basketball fans to become Jayhawk football fans.

Many KU fans I know are "basketball only" types who support a winner. To be fair, there are several "basketball only" fans located at Duke, North Carolina or Kentucky.

Jayhawk Fans: That must change if you want a secure future in any BCS Conference.

While nothing new is really reported in the article, I think it's a fair argument. If there is another realignment scenario, the Jayhawks will need the best possible football team.