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The Royals Need Someone That Brings Strasburg-Level Excitement

The Royals and Nationals aren't that different. Both are struggling (although the Nationals are doing better) and both have basically no shot at the playoffs and they haven't for several years.

But the Nationals have Stephen Strasburg, who adds another 25,000 into the seats on gamedays. The Royals, meanwhile, have Zack Greinke. He was the Cy Young award winner last year and attendance usually rose when he was pitching but it wasn't to Strasburg-levels.

Dave Lyons, owner of a bar near the Nationals stadium, says he's never seen anything like Strasmas, according to the Kansas City Star's Royals blog.

People are actually talking about the Nationals. The Mug has been packed for every Strasburg outing, starting with Strasburg’s historic debut against the Pirates on June 8. And there’s a buzz — a genuine exuberance — in every little quadrant of the city.

“We actually have a reason to watch,” he says.


“I went to the first game he pitched,” Lyons says, “and that was a sight. I’d never seen the stadium like that. It was like a real game.”

I'm not sure the Royals can get anyone to quite match the Strasburg-level of excitement because this doesn't happen very often but it would be nice to have Kauffman packed to the brim -- even if it was just once every five games.