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2010 NBA Draft: Bill Self Predicts Lottery Picks For Two Kansas Jayhawks

I wondered earlier today if Kansas Jayhawks coach Bill Self would show his KU bias while doing some draft day coverage for NBA TV and on Thursday.

While he's not a cheerleader by any means, he does think both of KU's top prospects -- Cold Aldrich and Xavier Henry -- will be lottery picks, according to

“I don’t know where or how high. It could vary with both of them,” Self added. “There’s teams in the 7-8-9 slots that have expressed interest. I think the reality is I believe both will go in the 8-to-15 range. I really believe that."

Meanwhile, Sherron Collins, the third KU player expected to be drafted, may be headed for the second round, according to Self.

“My prediction is Sherron will go mid-second round,” Self added of point guard Sherron Collins. “If somebody gets him mid-second round, they’ve got themselves a player.”

Collins is a wildcard. He was one of those guys that's heralded in college but not expected to have a big NBA career. I think Collins is the player I'm the most curious about as he enters the NBA.