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What's It Like To Face Stephen Strasburg? Here's One Account As The Royals Await

The Kansas City Star's Royals blog has an interesting article of a first-hand account of what it's like to face Stephen Strasburg. Corey Shimada, former minor league player, described what it was like over the last few years before he got into the big leagues.

“I don’t have any words to describe how fast it is,” Shimada says, “or how hard it is to hit.”

“That was the game he topped off at 101 on a few different scouts’ guns,” Shimada said. “And he actually struck us out 23 times.” Yes. 30 totals batters. 23 total strikeouts. It was a school record, and a conference record… “And that was definitely the moment,” Shimada says, “when I was like, ‘Wow,’ this guy is pretty legit.”

Several Royals players have already weighed in on what it's going to be like facing him. You can read about that here.