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O.J. Atogwe Re-Signing With The Rams Sets The Market For Chiefs S Jarrad Page

Safety O.J. Atogwe was released by the Rams on June 1.  A bidding war was expected to start for his services but, ultimately, most bowed out because of his reported "high" salary demands.

Atogwe signed a five-year deal on Wednesday to remain with the Rams.

The reason I bring this up is because Chiefs safety Jarrad Page and Atogwe are similar players.

  • Atogwe was a third round pick in 2006. Page was a seventh round pick in 2006.
  • Atogwe had the franchise tender put on him last year. Page had a $1.545 million tender placed on him.
  • Atogwe has 275 solo tackles, 19 interceptions and three sacks in five years. Page has 154 solo tackles, 10 interceptions and one sack through four years.

We're still waiting to hear financial details of Atogwe's deal but the numbers are likely to be higher than what Page is looking for but at least we're now able to start understanding what kind of money Page is looking for.

And, from what it sounds like, Page would prefer to hit those numbers in a city other than Kansas City.