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2010 NBA Mock Draft: 14 And 16 Another Scenario For Cole Aldrich, Xavier Henry

I'd say the majority -- or at least a good chunk -- of the mock drafts out there have former Kansas Jayhawks big man being selected in the range of 10th overall, give or take a spot. Meanwhile, Xavier Henry seems to fall all over the place. There are talks that he could be selected before Aldrich.

I stumbled across another scenario regarding the landing spots of Aldrich and Henry.

14. Houston Rockets -- Cole Aldrich (C - Kansas) The Rockets are not a team that will draft for need but instead tend to take the best talent available. That being said, Houston could use some help up front where Luis Scola is a free agent and Yao Ming is eternally injured. Cole Aldrich is more polished than most players expected to be picked around this area so he would fit the Rockets' modus operandi.

And Henry:

16. Minnesota Timberwolves -- Xavier Henry (6-6 -- Kansas Jayhawks) If the Timberwolves add Derrick Favors with their first pick then selecting Henry if he falls this far would make perfect sense with their second choice. Henry did not progress as quickly as some expected in his only season at Kansas but he would work nicely with the young nucleus in Minnesota. After watching Wolves GM David Kahn bumble through the draft last year, who knows what happens here.

I'd say you always root for the local guys so I'm going to go ahead and predict Aldrich is a top 10 pick. I think Henry is probably in the right spot. It'll be interesting to see how these guys end up because one of them is the experienced, safe guy (Aldrich) while the other one is less experienced (Henry) and banking on more potential.